About Us

Anxiety and mood disorders (also known as emotional disorders) affect millions of Americans in a given year. In fact, about 29% of Americans will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime, and about 21% will experience a mood disorder.1 Our mission at the Transdiagnostic Treatment Laboratory is to help those suffering from emotional disorders, by doing research on new, transdiagnostic treatments that address the aversive emotional experiences at the core of all these disorders.

The ongoing research at the Transdiagnostic Treatment Lab focuses on developing and evaluating new transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral treatments for emotional disorders (anxiety disorders and unipolar depression), improving the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based treatments, exploring the mechanisms of action (exactly why treatments work) in evidence-based psychological treatments, and investigating new ways of diagnosing and classifying anxiety and depressive disorders.

The Transdiagnostic Treatment and Research Program is a unit within the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders and the Department of Psychology at Boston University.

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