The Unified Protocol

The Unified Protocol: A Unified, Transdiagnostic Treatment Approach for Emotional Disorders

This treatment was developed following several decades of research into how anxiety and mood disorders develop, what makes someone experience anxiety and mood disorders, and what causes symptoms to stay around and get worse. Our research draws from recent scientific findings from the fields of psychopathology (or psychological disorders), the study of emotion, and neuroscience or the science of the brain. Through this research we have learned that the disorders just discussed have much more in common than their separate diagnostic labels might lead you to think.1

At their core, all of these disorders arise out of a tendency to experience emotions more frequently, more intensely, and as more distressing than someone without these disorders. Because of this, people tend to do certain things and behave in certain ways in order to try and manage or control these experiences, but these strategies tend to backfire, only making the problems worse. Therefore, this treatment program focuses on allowing you to understand your emotional experiences better, identify what you may be doing that actually causes your symptoms to worsen, and what you can do to start feeling better and leading the life you want to lead.1

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