7 Best Massagers for Anxiety and Depression in 2020

Are you looking for the best body massagers for anxiety and depression? Worry not for there is one for you on the list. The best massager for depression should be able to leave you relaxed and without any stress.

Massagers come on various features and specifications, which makes each ideal for a specific function. Each massager will be used on a specific body part to ease anxiety and depression.

Massage has been shown to be very effective for anxiety. There are several massage types that can be used to get relief from anxiety and depression.

We have done thorough research to come up with the following massagers which are right for you. All you will do at this point is to look for one that will perfectly meet your needs. Let us have a look.

Best massagers for anxiety and depression

Naipo shiatsu back and neck massager

Are you looking for a massager that will offer you remarkable service and multi-use?

Naipo Shiatsu makes a perfect choice for you. The massager gets used on the neck, back, foot, and shoulder. You will also comfortably use it in the car, at your home, and in the office. Adjusting the massager is by the use of a button that changes the speed according to your preference.

More about the massager is that it has eight deep-kneading massage nodes that help in soothing the tired hence relieving the tightness of your muscles. An advanced heat function enhances the transfer of warmth to your muscles and shuts down after 20 minutes.

Moreover, you will enjoy the 3D-rotation when massaging. The ergonomic U-Design makes it ideal for use in the office, your vehicle, and at home. You, therefore, have a perfect choice when tired after driving or sitting for long hours.

A car adapter gets included that facilitates its use when you are driving. The massager has an excellent performance that gets correctly backed by its affordability. It is, therefore, a wiser choice. After using the massager, you will feel the excellent freshness and anxiety relief.


  • Excellent quality
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable to use
  • Affordable


  • It may not last very long

Giatntex foot spar bath massager

Giantex Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, Bubbles, 16 Pedicure Shiatsu Roller Massage Points, Frequency Conversion Power Saving, Adjustable Time & Temperature, LED Display, Drainage Pipe (Gray)_ Health & Perso

Featuring is a massager that is perfect for use on your feet. Most people, when depressed or under anxiety. The massager is a 3 in 1 function and has heat bubbles and vibration with 16 massage rollers.

You will love the presence of fast heating and temperature control. The heating element of the massager maintains the temperature at 95-118F without a hassle.  Maintained temperatures keep your feet toasty and hydrated.

In case your legs are swollen, or under fatigue, you will feel a quick relief when further extended to the whole body. You will also appreciate the removable massage rollers dotted with ACU-nodes that follow sole reflexology for deep massage.

The deep massage works perfectly on stimulating pressure points and grudging of meridians. You will, therefore, have an improved metabolism and a better sleep. You can adjust the speed or massage by changing the way you roll. If necessary, you can also opt to remove the rollers.

Moreover, you will enjoy using this massager because of its stylish design and ease of operation. It features a digital display that guides you on the setting of the massager. It also has visible controls that help you in the adjustment of the functions using a straightforward touch.

You can use the bubbles and the vibration simultaneously for better performance. The Jacuzzi-like bubble uses heating to strike the soles by rhythmic vibrations; therefore, thereby loosening the stiffness and relieving stress from the legs to the head.

The massager makes a perfect choice for use when at home from a stressful day. It can also get used by anyone with a condition whose outcome is high levels of depression and anxiety.


  • Ease of use
  • Very effective
  • Simple controls
  • Offers quick relief
  • Affordable


  • May cause some discomfort in the feet with prolonged use

Oliver James Leg massager for circulation and relaxation with heat

When it comes to massaging the legs, there are various methods and devices used. This massager is one of those that will serve you perfectly. It offers a perfect service for the thighs and foot calf.

The massager offers a perfect air compression that targets your feet calves and the thighs, helping them relax. You will also feel relief from muscle pains and enjoy better blood circulation. In case you have pains and swelling, the massager perfectly solves your challenge.

Moreover, the massager has five massage modes that work hand in hand with four intensities. Therefore, you will have a chance to massage both the foot calve and the thighs of focus on a single part.

You will also have a chance to change the intensity of the massage from more substantial to more relaxed. The response at all levels is perfect. A heat function also allows you to add warmth for a more effective massage. It can be switched on and off.

The massager is very safe and highly portable. It comes on a foldable design that makes it easy to carry from one place to another. When in use, you do not have a reason to worry because it does not affect the body.

Finally, the massager makes a perfect choice for anyone despite their body size. With a circumference of up to 23.8 inches, you will find it very easy to adjust it depending on the legs’ size.


  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable size
  • Highly portable and safe
  • Four intensities and five massage modes


  • It is small for people with edema or large feet

Giantex Car Seatback massager

Giantex Car Seatback massager: One of the best massagers for anxiety and depression

If you are looking for back relief when driving after a long working day, this massager is an excellent choice for you. It comes with ten vibrating motors, three-speed levels, and five modes, which play a significant role in their performance.

The massager/massage seat contains five massaging zones that you can choose from. Therefore, you will have a perfect massage for the waist, shoulder, back, thighs, and hips.

Featuring are ten vibrating motors that ensure that you have better blood circulation and lowered levels of fatigue. You will also feel I am an impressive release of anxiety and muscle pains.

More about the massager is that it offers a customized massage. You will appreciate the presence of 5 modes and three vibration strengths. You will, therefore, have a choice of the level that will; satisfy your body.

The most beautiful thing is that you can choose a single zone or combine the zones of massage to have a customized massage. You can also choose the way you want your massage done.

Moreover, soothing heat therapy is very safe and secure to use. You will appreciate the response of the massage seats, which gets heated within two heating pads for just 30 seconds. It automatically shuts down after use for 15 minutes.

Another remarkable thing is that it targets your back and the hips.  If you have sore muscles, they get perfectly warmed up and cooled. In cases of anxiety and depression, you will feel quick relief.

Furthermore, you will find the massager very simple to use. You will love using the wired remote, which is simple to operate and compact that you can comfortably put it in your pockets.

The surface of the seat cushion is comfortable to sit on due to its material make of cotton. You will, therefore, have no worries and discomfort when using the massager for more extended periods.

The lightweight nature and its ability to be folded makes it highly portable. It is also adjustable hence perfect for use by people of different sizes. With both the AC and the DC, you will comfortably use the massager anywhere. It makes a perfect choice for office and home use.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Very useful in body relief
  • Easy to control and use
  • Highly portable


  • Some people may feel uncomfortable with the poking parts

Quinear leg massager: One of the best massagers for anxiety

Featuring once more is a leg massager with heat and air compression perfect for the foot and calf. It has proved to work efficiently in relieving the anxiety of the body and boosting blood circulation.

The massager offers an all-round massage for feet and the calves. It features 2×2 airbags that have unique massaging settings, which are instrumental in the stimulation of kneading and stroking of tissues.

Therefore, you will feel a complete relief of fatigue, pain, and relaxation of your legs. Blood circulation in your whole body will also get a perfect enhancement. You will also enjoy two levels of the heating function. As a result, you will have the desired leg warmth all year.

Moreover, the massager provides you with three modes and three massage intensities that you will choose according to your preference. You will, therefore, enjoy a personalized massage that will meet your requirements perfectly.

The massager also comes with adjustable straps that make it comfortable to use by anyone. You can comfortably change the size and intensity of the massager to fit any leg size. It has a circumference of 28.5 inches with two extra extenders.

Using the massager is very simple. It has a handled controller that makes it very easy to control the functionality of the unit. You will appreciate the role the massager plays in relieving stress, depression, and anxiety.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by any person
  • Three modes and massage intensities
  • Comfortable to use
  • Very effective


  • May become unreliable in the long term

Massage gun TNO deep tissue percussion muscle massager

Massage gun TNO deep tissue percussion muscle massager: one of the best massagers for anxiety and depression

If you have been looking for a massage gun that will offer you an excellent service, this model should make you a perfect choice. The gun offers a perfect service in relieving pain for athletes and depressed people.

The massage gun offers a multifunctional deep tissue percussion for the muscles, neck, feet, arms, and even the hands. If you are experiencing poor blood flow and stiffness of the muscles, the gun makes an ideal choice.

Moreover, it also serves people undergoing depression and anxiety, mainly when induced on the pressure points. You will, therefore, experience a quick recovery from any condition that is stressing you up.

The massager has five adjustable speeds, which are regulated by the high-torque motor. You will, therefore, enjoy from 1600-3200 percussions per minute. As a result, you will have a quick recovery, blood circulation, and improved range motion.

Furthermore, the gun has limited noise compared to other massagers. It also has a rechargeable battery that keeps it powered for 3-5 hours. It is also strong and durable.


  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable when correctly set
  • Rechargeable battery


  • The plastic used to make the product may not be durable

Extra-long Acupressure mat and pillow massage set

Extra-long Acupressure mat and pillow massage set

Featuring last in our list is a massager with an acupuncture mattress that helps to relieve the neck, back, and aches on the pressure points. Using this massage set will help you get relief from headaches and other pains, therefore, offering a natural sleeping help.

The mat offers you more prolonged and proper healing when used. It has very many spikes located at the pads. Therefore, they will correctly press your back, and the neck is, therefore, relieving the muscles hence a quicker recovery.

Featuring as part of the set is a hot/cold gel pack that helps you offer first aid to your family members. It helps in adding or lowering the temperatures of the affected parts, especially when you have injuries.

You will appreciate how it slows down the blood circulation and pressure rate in the affected area. It also reduces swelling and pain.

You will love using the mat for yoga exercises, for it serves both short and tall people. When used, you will enjoy comfortability and have the best experience ever. For a person undergoing depression and anxiety, the mat will offer you the comfort you need for quick relief.

Finally, resting on the mat, boosts your blood circulation. You will, therefore, experience relief in headaches and the lower backaches. You will, therefore, enjoy very relaxed atmospheres.


  • Very effective gel
  • Comfortable
  • Very effective at relieving stress
  • Improves blood circulation


  • The product is not for the faint hearted

Buyers guide for the best massagers for anxiety and depression

When buying the best massager for anxiety and depression, some things need close consideration. Here are a few things you need to look at.

Ease of use

Your massager should be very easy to use. You should be able to operate the massager without having to employ any technical help.

This way, you will be able to use the massager when you get an anxiety attack in an isolated place. Getting a massager that is hard to use will be counterproductive for people with anxiety.

Comfortability and safety

The massager you buy should be very comfortable and safe to use. While at use, it should not damage the body parts.

The massagers describedare all comfortableand safe to use. They will leave you relaxed in addition to giving you relief from anxiety and depression.


The best massager should be beneficial. It should give an immediate and proper response to your body. You should have a quick and immediate recovery process.

Getting an effective massager for anxiety will ensure that you feel relaxed and can get relief from anxiety. That is the reason for getting the massager in the first place.


It is very wise to buy a massager that matches your budget. To make your choice easy, you should consider collocating the massagers within your budget range and then choosing one that will meet your needs perfectly.

Final veredict

Getting a perfect massager for depression and anxiety is very simple. Using our guide, you will be able to pick the best massager for anxiety that will fulfill your needs perfectly. All our picks are excellent choices and performers.