Male Performance Anxiety Solutions: Signs He has Performance Anxiety with a New or Regular partner

One of the most common forms of anxiety in men is performance anxiety. It may be due to putting so much pressure on yourself or personal worries. We will, therefore, in this article discuss in length the male performance anxiety solutions whether it occurs with a new or regular partner.

You can know if a man has performance anxiety by looking out for nervousness before or during sex. Having performance anxiety makes it hard for the man to concentrate on the act leading to more anxiety. The cyclical effects will affect this man even in the future. However, you can prevent or stop performance anxiety using the following methods.

Almost every man will experience performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Male performance anxiety is not easily treated since most men are not ready to disclose it to a doctor or friends.

The male performance problem leads to serious doubts about your ability thus reducing self-esteem. In some men, this may lead to either of the following:

  • It can cause a man to reduce the number of times they approach women with the intention of getting them to bed. This is because, with low self-esteem, a man may lack the strength to approach a woman.
  • It can cause some men to result in masturbation. With the craving for sex and low self-esteem, some men will result in masturbation to take care of the cravings.
  • Some men may reduce the number of times that the demand for sex. This happens especially to men with a regular partner or who are married. This may lead to family problems.
  • Other men may use other ways to satisfy themselves sexually.

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Is there a link between performance anxiety and Erectile dysfunction?

There are several links between performance anxiety and Erectile dysfunction. As we have always said on this site, anxiety and stress affect almost every body system, thus the reproductive system is not left out.

What happens is that stress and erectile dysfunction will start becoming a vicious cycle. Each non-performance in bed will lead to more anxiety. AN increase in anxiety will cause non-performance in bed.

In those instances, a person may feel unworthy or outright incapable. These feelings of anxiety and inadequacy will thus in most men lead to erectile dysfunction. This is according to research and thus the state of the mind is very important in sexual performance.

What causes performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety is as a result of having negative thoughts about your performance in bed. This means that you feel inadequate or feel like you will not satisfy your partner in bed especially if the partner is new.

Male performance anxiety

Some of the main reasons why men have negative feelings include:

  • Having a small penis
  • Having a bad feeling about your bodily image
  • Due to a past unsatisfactory performance
  • Due to perceptions that you are not adequate as a man or your role in the sexual activity.

All these negative thoughts and even other general negative thoughts can lead to performance anxiety. Some of these general thoughts include anxiety or stress at work, with your family, and financially.

Performance anxiety can lead to ED in addition to other causes. The other factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction include:

  • Disinterest
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Having a chronic illness like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and obesity
  • Nerve damage from diabetes and other conditions
  • Kidney disorders
  • Medications especially those that affect hormones, nerves and blood circulation
  • Injury
  • Little or no exercises
  • Pelvic irradiation
  • When recovering from surgery

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What are the signs he has performance anxiety/symptoms?

Even though performance anxiety affects everyone differently, there are some common symptoms. This is because you and I respond to anxiety and stress differently.

Therefore, your body can produce different signs and symptoms of performance anxiety. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inability to get an orgasm
  • Having little or no interest in having sexual intercourse

These signs that he has performance anxiety will manifest either to new or regular partner depending on the severity of the male performance anxiety.

Since performance anxiety is related to ED. Some of the symptoms of ED are also symptoms of performance anxiety. These include:

  • Trouble having an erection
  • Inability to stay erect
  • Loss of sexual desire

Male Performance Anxiety Solutions

There are several ways of either coping or treating performance anxiety. These solutions work differently in different people. We will explore some of the common ways of dealing with male performance anxiety.

As a person dating a guy with performance anxiety, you also have a role to play. You can check for signs he has performance anxiety and help support and come up with a solution together.

The following solutions may also work for erectile dysfunction but in case they do not work for you, you can see a doctor.

How to cope with male performance anxiety

There are several easy tips for coping with male performance anxiety. These tips help to improve performance and also lead to positive experiences in sexual life.

1. Avoiding the cycle of performance anxiety

In most men, having an undesired performance during sex can lead to too much anxiety thus leading to poor performance in the next activity. This forms a cycle like all the other types of anxiety.

What most men don’t know is that it is normal to have an underwhelming sexual experience from time to time. In addition, having occasional symptoms of erectile dysfunction should not worry you that much.

Most of the men, however, will beat themselves up when they fail to perform their best on that occasion. It thereafter affects the performance the next time you are having sexual intercourse.

What men can learn from that negative event is the causes of poor performance or erectile dysfunction. This may be financial, marital problems, stress, and other events happening in their lives.

When you know the cause of the poor performance, you can work in either avoiding it or solving the issue altogether. In addition, men should know that sexual performance is not a competition and thus focus on making their experiences more positive.

Focusing on the cause of poor performance and not the symptoms is one of the easiest male performance anxiety solutions. The cycle is very prominent especially when it’s anxiety when trying to conceive

2. Focusing on the present senses

Many men are over-analytical about their past and present sexual performances. They relive the sexual failure regularly, especially when faced with the next experience.

In these instances, a man will think about how the partner is seeing them as a failure or how she will never have another experience with him again in addition to other negative thoughts.

However, in those times, it is great to focus on the senses. Since we have 5 senses, a man can focus on any of the senses, making one stop being over-analytical about sexual performance. For example, you can focus on the touch, what you are seeing, or what you are hearing.

3. Exercise and be active

Exercise to beat male performance anxiety

Reports from several studies have shown that lack or little exercise is linked to a lack of sexual performance and erectile dysfunction. This is because lack of exercise causes an increase in stress and other lifestyle diseases that cause erectile dysfunction.

Exercises help to reduce anxiety including male performance anxiety. The exercises can include a 30-minutes exercise daily to ensure good blood circulation in your body.

There are other forms of specific exercises that can help to alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms. These exercises include Kegel exercises and other Pelvic exercises. These exercises help to increase blood flow into the penis thus enabling and maintaining an erection.

The Kegel exercises involve tightening and relaxing the muscles involved in stopping the flow of urine. If you carry out these exercises often, you can improve your sexual performance.

4. Guided meditation

There are some guided meditation techniques that enable you to perform better in bed. Meditation techniques such as mindfulness meditation and guided imagery therapy can help to resolve sex problems.

These techniques help to focus your mind on the present and forget the past failures. These techniques are able to resolve several causes of male performance anxiety.

Guided meditation is also able to resolve other types of anxiety too. Focusing on the present enables one to reduce the recurrence of anxiety episodes.

5. Other techniques that are male performance anxiety solutions

There are other simple techniques that can be used to treat performance anxiety. These techniques include:

  • Couples counseling
  • Sex therapy
  • Techniques for stress reduction
  • Sexual education
  • Discussing with your partner about past performance anxiety and your current fears.
  • Taking some supplements

There are several products that can improve your sexual performance. These products are healthy to take and will give you a performance to remember. One of these products is Maleextra. It is a unique product that gives you a faster, harder, and long lasting hard-on to give your partner satisfaction.

When to consider seeing a doctor

When to see a doctor

The male performance anxiety solutions listed above will help most people with anxiety or erectile dysfunction. However, for some people, they may not work. In these instances, you may need to consult your doctor.

The performance anxiety may also increase in some people even when the male performance anxiety solutions are followed to the letter. In other men, the symptoms may occur more frequently as compared to before. These people also require to see a doctor.

In these cases, the doctor will either perform a physical exam or do a blood test. These tests will show if there are underlying causes for the poor performance in bed.

For others, male performance anxiety will be diagnosed by administering a questionnaire to determine the mental health for conditions such as depression and stress levels. The doctor will recommend solutions that will reduce these mental problems.


Male performance anxiety is a common disorder in most men. It is caused by past and present causes. However, it is easy to manage the causes and symptoms. You can also check on your partner for signs he has performance anxiety.

In these cases, male performance anxiety solutions will work to alleviate the problem. However, if these solutions do not work, you can consult a doctor who will offer solutions that will solve the problem.


How do you know if a guy has performance anxiety?

You can know if a guy has performance anxiety by checking for nervousness before or during sex. Most men with performance anxiety, are not able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. That way, it leads to even worse performance.

How do you beat psychological erectile dysfunction?

You can beat psychological erectile dysfunction by eating right, exercising, reducing weight and staying slim, and also taking care of your vascular health. In addition, ensuring that you concentrate on the act while also enjoying can help beat ED.

Is psychological ED curable?

Yes, psychological erectile dysfunction is almost always treatable. You should ensure that you are in good body shape, are eating right, and are losing weight to ensure your performance improves. Moreover, you should be present in the act.

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