Male Performance Anxiety When Trying to Conceive: How to Overcome It

Male Performance Anxiety When Trying to Conceive

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sophomore at a small liberal arts college or a millennial just starting your family planning journey. Everyone experiences some level of stress and anxiety when trying to conceive. It can manifest as male performance anxiety when trying to conceive. For some, this may manifest itself as worries about fertility and the idea of going through the process of getting pregnant again.

To overcome male performance anxiety when trying to conceive you should know that it is natural for couples to experience performance anxiety when trying to conceive because it can come with so many implications. But if you are feeling anxious, there are some things you can do to relieve the stress and tension. For example, be open and honest with your partner about what’s bothering you. You should also try doing other intimate things like kissing or having sex in other ways.

You could also distract yourself during sex by imagining going out on a date or shopping with friends or watching your favorite TV show. And, if you’re experiencing too much stress, talk to your doctor about the male performance anxiety as this could lead to depression if left untreated.

For others, it could be the pressure of having a partner who wants a child more than anything else, and not knowing when they will be able to conceive. If you’re a parent-to-be, it could be the fear of passing on genetic disorders to your children. Or, for ladies, it could be that you’re having trouble falling pregnant.

Whatever the cause, you’re reading this because you’re struggling with trying to conceive. Regardless of your unique circumstances, you’re going to have to work through some of your anxiety if you’re going to be able to stay positive and support yourself through the process. That being said, there are plenty of ways that you can overcome the pressure and negative feelings that come with trying to conceive.

It’s normal for men to get anxious about the possibility of not being able to conceive. But if that anxiety starts to interfere with your day-to-day life, it might be time to look at some treatment options. Male performance anxiety is something that can affect a man’s ability to get an erection and, therefore, makes it difficult for them to conceive a child. It can also lead to low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other issues.

Claudio is a 30-something man who has been trying to have a baby for the past five years. He and his wife, Laura, are one of those couples who have been trying to have a baby for a very long time. They have visited doctors, taken fertility tests, and undergone in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Nothing has worked so far.

As a last resort, they had decided to look into adoption. But even that seemed like a long shot. In fact, all the available options made them feel that there was probably something wrong with them. They were afraid that their inability to conceive was their fault. Or, maybe, their marriage wasn’t good enough.

Given the amount of stress and tension they have been under for so long, it was no wonder that they started having anxiety attacks from time to time. Unfortunately, for Claudio, he started getting performance anxiety which became a cycle. But, luckily, there’s a lot of help available for those who are struggling with this issue.

Causes of male performance anxiety

Some of the causes of male performance anxiety when trying to conceive include:

  • Fear of being seen as a failure
  • Fear of not being able to do it
  • Concerns about their partner’s satisfaction
  • Concerns about their own abilities
  • Constrained by society’s expectations

The first step to overcoming male performance anxiety is to identify the cause. By understanding what is causing your anxiety, you can work on ways to manage it. Some may find that they need to speak with a therapist or doctor while others might try self-help methods like meditation. Claudio and Laura had been advised by their counselor not to spend so much time thinking about this issue.

They were told that if they could relax and focus less on this problem then they would start feeling better. Another tip was for them not to let their worries become overwhelming and overbearing. They were given some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, which seemed to help them get back on track when stress started getting too heavy for them to handle.

Ways to overcome male performance anxiety

Getting enough sleep to manage male Performance Anxiety When Trying to Conceive

Claudio and his wife are not the only ones who have been struggling with male performance anxiety when trying to conceive. In fact, many couples across the world are going through similar experiences. Fortunately, there are ways that you can overcome this issue.

  1. Seeking medical help:

One of the ways that Claudio and Laura overcame their anxiety was by seeking medical help as soon as they could. They visited a specialist to discuss their fears and to try and find out if there was anything wrong with them. It turns out, they weren’t the only ones suffering from this problem! There are many treatments for male performance anxiety when trying to conceive.

For example, some specialists recommend taking certain vitamins or supplements like zinc or magnesium in order to improve sperm quality. Others may prescribe medication like sildenafil citrate or clomiphene citrate. These medications will help stimulate testosterone production which is essential for fertility issues in men.

2. Talking about your feelings:

Another way that Claudio and Laura have overcome their issues is by talking about their feelings together with a therapist. They both felt a lot of guilt laying on them which prevented them from overcoming the problem because they couldn’t stop feeling sorry for themselves.

However, therapy has helped them both immensely by allowing them to talk openly about their feelings without fear of judgment or criticism from one another due to all of the stress they have been under for so long. Therapy allows people who are struggling with these kinds of things to work

How to overcome male performance anxiety during fertility attempts

Performance anxiety is a perfectly normal and natural feeling for some couples, especially around the time of ovulation. Women are typically the ones who put pressure on their partner to produce an erection at certain times during their cycle. So, it’s not surprising that women feel anxious when they notice a change in their man’s behavior, like low libido or erectile dysfunction (ED). But, while these problems are very real, there are things you can do to overcome male performance anxiety during fertility attempts.

Some people find that talking with a trained therapist can be helpful. Other couples find that using lubricant is helpful because the man may have ED due to decreased circulation. There are also a number of different medications that can help improve your sexual health, like Erectin, VigRX , Viagra and Cialis.

However, if your ED problem is due to another cause like diabetes, hypertension or prostate issues, then medication will not be as effective at solving the problem. In such cases, it might be best to go with other treatments such as surgery or injections into the penis. Whatever your situation may be, there are many solutions available for overcoming performance anxiety during fertility attempts.

Many couples who are having trouble conceiving will sometimes find themselves in a vicious cycle of trying to conceive that leads to anxiety and even depression. If you’re feeling this way, know that you’re not alone. There are many things you can do to help take your mind off of the pressure, including working on positive self-talk. You should also try to spend time with other people who have similar struggles and challenges.

Some other ways that couples have found success with male performance anxiety include:

  • Taking care of your physical health and staying active
  • Reaching out for support from your partner, friends, or family members
  • Learning about fertility treatments and what they entail
  • Trying different activities like yoga or meditation
  • Talking to professionals like a therapist or counselor who can help you address what might be going on internally

Learn to Relax: Meditate or Do Yoga

The male performance anxiety is due to stress, and the best way to relieve that stress is to find a way to relax. Finding a way to de-stress can be difficult at first, but once you find your way, it will help with the anxiety.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through meditation or yoga. Meditation and yoga have been proven to help lower stress levels. There are many different forms of meditation, so it’s important that you find what works for you. One type is called mindfulness.

This type of meditation does not require any chanting or closing your eyes. Simply focus on your breathing and how it feels in your body as you breathe in and out. Mindful meditation does not involve any movement whatsoever; instead, you need simply notice what’s happening in the present moment without judgment or criticism.

Another type of meditation is transcendental meditation (TM). TM is often associated with The Beatles and celebrities who say it has helped them overcome their own personal challenges. It involves sitting comfortably with your eyes closed while repeating a mantra, which can be anything from a word or short phrase like “Om” or “Love.”

A mantra can also be just one syllable such as “Aum.” Unlike other forms of meditation, TM requires active engagement with an instructor or teacher who instructs you on how best to meditate each day based on your stage in life (children vs adults).

Make a Conscious Effort to Relax

Make a Conscious Effort to Relax: To overcome Male Performance Anxiety When Trying to Conceive

One of the best ways to overcome male performance anxiety is to make a conscious effort to relax. If you go into a sexual situation tensed up or feeling stressed, it’s only going to make things worse. You want to be able to clear your mind and focus on what you are doing.

That’s why it’s important to take some time for yourself every day – either in the morning, in the evening, or both. You might enjoy yoga, meditation, or just taking 10 minutes out of your workday to have a cup of coffee and read your favorite book. It doesn’t matter how you do it – just make sure that you are giving yourself time each day that isn’t spent working or thinking about work.

If you don’t have time for any of these activities during the day, then at least take 10 minutes before bedtime each night (or 10 minutes after waking up) and try one of these relaxation exercises: deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization exercises. These can all help calm your body and mind so that they will be ready when they need to be later on in the evening.

Eat Well and Get Enough Sleep

The first step Claudio and Laura took was to take care of themselves to manage male performance anxiety when trying to conceive. They started eating healthier foods, they were more careful about how much they drank and ate, and they took the time to sleep. They also spent more quality time with each other and tried to be as romantic as possible. All these changes helped them start feeling better about their situation.

Another way they were able to address their anxiety was by looking at some of the positive things that had happened in their lives over the past five years. They found out that many couples have been trying for a long time without having any luck.

The fact that they had at least tried seemed to make it easier for them to keep trying with a positive attitude. In addition, they made sure to always remember their reasons for wanting children–to give meaning and purpose in their lives, to instill values in a new generation, and so on.

Find an Ally in a Partner: Talk to your partner

Claudio’s wife, Laura, was not very supportive at first. She had begun to feel like her husband was putting all the pressure on her to have a baby. She felt that he was too controlling and wanted to know what she had done to make him think she wasn’t trying hard enough. But, in the end, she was able to tell him that it was their problem together and they needed to work through it together.

The solution for Claudio came when his wife finally started talking about their issues with him. He found that by confiding in someone else and opening up about his own fears and worries, he could start feeling better again.

He also realized how important it is for him to be there for his wife as she goes through this experience as well. It took a long time for Claudio and Laura to get where they are at today–and they’ve still got a ways to go–but they are feeling more hopeful than ever before.

One of the first steps to overcoming performance anxiety is to find a supportive partner. If you’re in this situation, it might be time for a serious sit-down conversation with your partner. You may want to express some of the feelings that you have been feeling and ask your partner if they feel the same way.

A supportive partner will often want to help in any way they can.

Take a Break from the Grind

One thing that Claudio and Laura didn’t know, was that they were experiencing performance anxiety. This is a sexual anxiety disorder in which someone becomes anxious about their ability to have an erection or reach orgasm as a result of pressure from expectations or other stresses. Performance anxiety can affect both men and women, but it’s more common in males.

To solve this problem, the couple did need to take some time off from the regular grind and get some mental health help. They started by looking into treatment for performance anxiety through their insurance company.

They were able to find a professional who could work with them one-on-one. They also found out about some relaxation techniques that helped them deal with their stress levels. Using these tools helped them to understand why they had been feeling so much pain and frustration recently, which allowed them to start working on treating the underlying issues instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs or alcohol.

Claudio and Laura are still planning on adopting a child since they’re not able to conceive naturally, but they will also be using some of these new coping strategies when they decide to try again down the line. So far, everything has been going well!

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

One of the best ways to combat anxiety is through exercise. Regular physical activity can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Claudio, in particular, has been trying to get himself into better shape by exercising two or three times per week. He’s found that this helps him feel more at ease and more in control over his life.

Exercise also improves mood and provides a host of other health benefits, including increased energy and improved sleep quality.

The best way to avoid male performance anxiety is to exercise regularly. It’s a good idea to start exercising at least three days a week for about 30 minutes each time. This will help increase your endorphin levels, which will relieve some stress.

The Importance of Setting Goals

One of the most important things that you can do is to set goals. You might have some personal goals for your life, but what about personal goals for your relationship? This can include anything from having a baby to getting married.

The first thing you should do is think about what you want and then write it down. This might seem like a simple step, but it’s an important one because it will give you something to work towards. It will help you focus on what you really want in life and not just sit around feeling sad. Setting these goals will give you something positive to think about when those moments come up where you start feeling anxious and frustrated.

You should also share these goals with your partner so that they know what you are striving for and can be there with support while you are going through all of this stress and male performance anxiety. They are probably struggling with the same feelings on their end, and hearing that they are not alone could go a long way in helping them get through this difficult time. Your partner might not be able to help with everything, but if they offer moral support, it could make all the difference in the world.

Re-frame the situation

One of the best ways to overcome performance anxiety is to reframe the situation. Claudio and Laura needed to be reminded that they were not alone in this struggle. With help, they were finally able to relax and see what was going on from a different perspective. They realized that their feelings of infertility have been affecting both their mental and physical state for years now.

They also needed some reassurance that putting all their energy into having a baby wasn’t going to make it happen any faster. The only thing they could do was take care of themselves so that they could give themselves the best chance of success in conceiving.

The couple found out about a support group for infertile couples and attended one of the meetings. They learned how other couples had navigated through infertility, which helped them feel more hopeful about their own situation. And they were surprised to find out that there are many things that can cause infertility, not just age or medical conditions like endometriosis or PCOS.

What Claudio and Laura didn’t know is that there are many reasons why someone might not be able to conceive without medical assistance such as age, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), or previous surgery like pelvic mesh complications or a tummy tuck (which may affect ovulation). Once they became aware of these factors it gave them hope again when before all seemed hopeless.


Claudio and his wife had been going out for walks, but lately, that wasn’t enough to help them. They decided to take a trip to the chiropractor when they both started experiencing more and more anxiety. Actually the anxiety was ruining their relationship. The chiropractor told them that their muscles were so tense because they were under so much stress, which was making it hard for them to conceive.

He recommended that they try some relaxation techniques before having sex. One technique he suggested was deep breathing exercises before sex, which can help you manage your anxiety and get in the mood at the same time.

The first step to overcoming performance anxiety is to make some changes in your daily routine. Eating well or not sleeping enough can both lead to stress and poor performance.

Eating well is important for fertility, as it helps you maintain a healthy weight. A healthy diet will also help you manage your weight, which leads to better hormone production and ovulation. There are a number of foods that are known to improve fertility: oatmeal, nuts, beans, sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, strawberries and more.

To sleep better at night you need to create a sleep-friendly environment during the day. That means no bright lights or screens an hour before going to bed. You should also avoid eating big meals or drinking caffeine just before going to bed as this can disrupt your natural sleep cycles.

Finally, be flexible with your schedule and don’t try too hard when making love with your partner around ovulation time – the pressure may just backfire for you


Do men feel pressure when trying to conceive?

Yes, men also feel pressure when trying to conceive. During moments of trying to conceive, the doctors recommend ‘scheduled’ sex during fertile periods which also comes with stress and anxiety. Moreover, the anxiety is increased due to the fear of failure to conceive and also underlying stress of infertility.

What should males avoid when trying to conceive?

There are several drugs, foods, substances, and drinks that men should avoid when trying to conceive. They include caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats and hydrogenated oils, tobacco, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, soy foods, and heat. Some of these substances interfere with sperms/ semen production or affect the health of the produced sperm.

How can a man increase his chances of getting a woman pregnant?

A man can increase the chance of getting a woman pregnant by living a healthy lifestyle defined by eating balanced healthy meals, regular exercises, preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), managing stress, and also ensuring that you are moving.

What causes the “husband can’t perform during ovulation”?

One of the major causes of arguments when a woman is trying to conceive is when her husband can’t conceive during ovulation. The stress and pressure that comes with trying to conceive can cause erectile dysfunction in men during the ovulation period. There are several men who feel that trying to conceive feels like trying on a relationship and therefore, one needs to support the partner to ensure this anxiety and stress are minimized.