At, we value your privacy. It is the most valued ethical consideration that we apply. We use this privacy policy to inform you about how information gathered about you in any way is used. We will also inform you on ways in which your personal information is collected, used, shared or disclosed to a third party.

Therefore the following are the details of our privacy policy at

Feeling secure and having online privacy is an important factor to everyone. We will ensure that as you use any of our materials at your privacy is assured. Having your information being insecure is in itself a source of anxiety.

Therefore we always make sure that the management, authors and employees follow this privacy policy without fail.

We as, do not in any way sell, rent or give away any personal information to anyone. This thus means that the information collected is held in complete privacy and trust. We assure you that your name, address, email address, telephone numbers, account numbers and other information thereby collected is thus stored in a private and confidential manner.

The following are our assurances about our privacy and confidentiality for people who transact with us:

Personal Information

As at now, no personal information that can be used to identify you, contact you or locate you is collected by this site.

The site may however in the future collect information for purposes of either inclusion in our anxiety studies or for subscription to our newsletter. We may also in the future collect information for products delivery or to sign up to access this site’s resources. will ensure that any information that will be collected will be collected voluntarily under no coercion. We will also ensure that you can use without volunteering this information.

Do we have organizations collecting the personal identifiable information?


Do we store or use any collected the personal identifiable information?

We don’t collect the information and thus do not store the information. We also do not use this information.

Is any information shared by to other third parties?


In case of a change in privacy policy, what happens?

We as will inform our visitors and customers by updating the privacy policy in our site.

What about non-Personal Information

Non-personal Information is the information about your likes, tastes and your preferences as you visit our site. This information may form part of the login information that is recorded by this site. The information includes the products reviewed, IP address as generated by your router, geographical location, the operating system of the device and device type, and the internet service provider.

Browser cookies and web beacons

We have browser cookies and web beacons. The cookies help our site to record the non-personal information thus helping to ease your movement within the site. The movement is aided by the previous likes thus helping to improve your experience as you use the site’s pages and posts.

How do we use the non-personal information collected?

  • To Improve the user experience

The information gathered may be used to improve the customer experience within the site. This is done by gathering information on how the visitor use the materials in the site and use it to give them a better experience next time.

  • To enable us to conduct website improvements.

Cookies in most cases help us to know what our clients love and this information is useful to improve on those products and services. This therefore serves to improve the service that we offer our clients.

  • For the site to conduct a promotion, survey, or competition

When our newsletter is up and running, the login information may be necessary to send surveys and results to improve on the products and services offered by Competition and promos may be conducted once in a while for the benefit of the user.

  • To contact our users on product changes, updates and newsletters to our customers on periodic basis

By using information collected voluntarily from our users to contact them we will be improving the customer experience. This may be in the form of answers to queries a customer might be having or even complaints. If a user wishes to leave the contact list, they will be able to do so at any time and with no cost.

Third Party Links

This site contains links to other sites. These sites have their own privacy policies. It will therefore be prudent that once you click on the links contained in this site you read their privacy policy as well. This is because if you click on the links you will be moving to another site. We will periodically be checking the feedback regarding the other sites that we link to safeguard our site’s integrity. Thus we will not be liable to any privacy problems emanating from moving to the linked sites.

In this site we will continue to update you on the different solutions for your anxiety. There are new technological advances on the area and we will keep you updated on the same. For this purpose we may collect your personal information but we assure you that:

  • We will seek your consent before collecting any information.
  • Our site will inform you the purpose of collecting the information.
  • We will follow the international law in the use of information collected.
  • In this site will retain the information as long as the purpose detailed to you is applicable.
  • We will use all means possible to safeguard your information from theft or loss. We will also ensure it is not disclosed, copied or modified.
  • The site will update you in case there is any change in privacy policy
  • We will only collect the information by means prescribed by the law and will be guided by ethical principle in the use.


By your continued use of, you consent to our privacy policy.

For more information about the privacy policy and to add your voice to our privacy policy, kindly contact us.