The best exercise for anxiety and depression

Best exercise for anxiety and depression: The exercise is also good for panic attacks

We all get anxious sometimes. However, for some people being anxious is a normal occurrence in their daily lives. According to our research, exercise helps to markedly reduce the anxiety moments in most people. However, what is the best exercise for anxiety and depression?

According, to our research and from insights from other people, exercise in all forms helps to reduce stress. We have had patients who report to getting relief from anxious moments when they run, work-out in the gym, skip ropes, practice yoga, and do other aerobic activities among other exercise methods.

There is a powerful link between someone’s physical health and mental health. According to Dr. Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., one of the best known clinical psychologists, there is a huge connection between the body and the mind. Therefore, when you take care of your body, you are also helping the whole system including the nervous system.

It is easy to prevent or manage anxiety by taking supplements, getting a massage, being positive, and other proven ways of managing anxiety. You will find that exercises are one of the proven and trusted ways of managing anxiety in most people.

How much exercise is necessary for a health life?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the exercise needs of an individual varies with age. The exercise needs for children and adults vary.

Children between 3 and 5 years should be active for the whole day when they are not sleeping for growth and development. Therefore, children should be encouraged to be active at all times while exploring different activity types.

Children and adolescents whose ages range from 6 to 17 years should have a minimum of 1 hour of moderate to vigorous exercise in a day. This can be in the form of aerobic activities, muscle-strengthening activities, and bone-strengthening activities.

Adults should ensure that they get at least a weekly dose of 150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity. However, the more the amount of exercise the more the benefits.

The best exercises for anxiety and depression

All exercises are great for anxiety and depression. However, some exercises are better for managing anxiety and depression. The 4 listed below will help you manage anxiety and we will also describe the best products to carry out those exercises.


Every so often, we hear that running is one of the most recommended exercises for a healthy life. Running even for a short time or distance every day can increase the length of your life, according to this study.

Yes, it is also an excellent form of exercise for anxiety and depression. Running helps to burn calories, enable blood circulation, minimize the cravings for food and also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Running, with those effects helps to improve your mood in several ways. During an exercise activity, serotonin and norepinephrine are affected in the right way to enable positive moods. The effects on the two moods neurotransmitters also last long after the exercise.

One other benefit of running, also seen in most aerobic activities is the ability to enable you to sleep better during the night. A good night sleep every night has been shown to be one of the most effective ways in tackling depression and anxiety.

Therefore, running which can also be done by skipping a rope is an excellent exercise for anxiety and depression.

What do we need for running or skipping?

To ensure that you have a good exercise for anxiety, you need to get some exercise gear that will increase the comfort while also preventing injury and accidents.

One of the other features you can check as you buy your running gear is visibility. As you run, it is good for other road users to be able to see you maybe by having a reflective strip or wearing a fluorescent bib.

Running shoes

Running shoes are important for running because they help you to avoid accidents, sores, and are comfortable for the activity. Some of the best running shoes include:

Running clothes: tops, shorts, tights, hat, and socks

For comfort and ease in running, it is good to get the running clothes. These clothes include running tops, shorts and/or tights, hats, and socks. These clothes should be comfortable on the body to prevent injury due to friction.

Your feet will always appreciate good running socks. This is because running with uncomfortable socks can cause blistering of the feet. Therefore, it is great to consider getting seamless, in addition to being sweat and moisture absorbent socks. Such a pair of socks will reduce friction. Besides you can get socks with more padding to help the shoes with more cushioning. The best socks for running are as follows:

Getting the best comfortable running tops will enable you to have the best experience as you run. There are several excellent short and long sleeve tops that you can choose from to ensure your runs are comfortable. The recommended women running tops and men running T-shirts should not be made of cotton. The tops should be reasonably tight and should be able to wick away the moisture. Some of the best are as follows:

As you get the best running shorts, consider getting one that is comfortable, lightweight, and one that can wick away your sweat as you run. These features will enable you to enjoy your run while also reducing friction and the possibility of developing blisters. Try to get a short that is not so tight or too loose. During very cold weather, it is advisable to get good running tights instead of shorts. Some of the best running shorts are as follows:

Running hat and jacket

Moreover, you can consider wearing an excellent running hat to reduce the impact of extreme weather. A hat is important especially in cold weather since up to 30 percent of your body heat can be lost through your head. More often than not, people go for the woolen hats because they are readily available and are the cheaper option.

You may also require a good running jacket or gilet. The jacket helps in cases of cold weather or when it is raining. They offer warmth and also can keep your body dry. Some people also get a running jacket to stop the wind from directly hitting the body. Some of the best running jackets are as follows:

Running gloves

When running, your extremities including hands do not get enough blood. This way the hands can get very cold. It is important to consider getting some of the best running gloves to keep your hands and fingers warm.

Mostly, people go for woolen gloves the same as in hats to keep the extremities warm. Woolen gloves are cheaper and have similar waterproofing and wind-stopping capabilities of the other gloves made from different fabrics.

Running bra

For ladies, as you go through running the best exercise for anxiety and depression, it is good to get a good sports bra. A good bra will increase the comfort as you exercise since it reduces the unwanted movement of the bust. These bras will also reduce friction on your bust that preventing getting blisters as you run.

Hiking in the forest/ woods

You can easily manage your anxiety by the natural aura, sounds, and calmness. One of the several studies has shown that nature has a way of calming the anxious minds. A walk in the woods or forest where you get natural sounds, fresh air, decaying wood, a touch of the plants, and other things will help to improve mood and also enhance the memory.

As you go on with your planned hiking in the woods, it is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. In addition, you can ensure that you carry enough water for the exercise.


There is something about yoga that calms the mind. According to a study published in 2007, yoga offers a significant decrease in depression, anxiety, anger, and other mental conditions.

Therefore, it is good to consider this exercise for anxiety or depression. Yoga also complements other treatment regimes for anxiety and depression. This is because mindful meditation, a commonly recommended treatment for anxiety is employed in yoga. Yoga also focuses on breathing exercises in order to calm the body.


All exercise methods have a way of reducing anxiety and depression. Studies have, however, shown that running or skipping, yoga and hiking in the woods have good effects on anxiety and depression.

Therefore, the best exercise for anxiety and depression will enable you to live your life well in the midst of anxiety times or depression.